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Bernstein Pediatrics

Our Practice

Bernstein Pediatrics is a small Pediatric practice established in 1982 and located in Las Vegas, NV.

We are a full service practice, offering children from birth to adolescence all aspects of care. Our ground floor location offers easy access with ample parking adjacent to the building, and no stairs or elevators to negotiate. Bernstein Pediatrics is contracted with most insurances and we will gladly see children with no insurance on a cash basis.



Our Staff

Leroy Bernstein, MD

Dr. Bernstein has been practicing Pediatrics for 45 years. Voted one of the Best Doctors in Las Vegas.

Dianne Cyrkiel, CPNP, APRN

Dianne has 20 years experience as Nurse Practitioner and educator for UNLV.

Charlotte, Office Mgr.

Charlotte has been the office manager for over 40 years. She has her BA in Social Work and specialized in Foster Care with the State of Maryland Dept. of Social Services.

Susan Brooks, APRN
Sue has been a Nurse Practitioner for over 20 years. You might recognize her from the Cow Bus/Helping Kids Clinc.  We all enjoy Sue and her sweet personality with our patients.


Sharon, MA

Sharon has been our Back Office Mgr. for 13 yrs. & is proficient in all aspects of Pediatric care with Eighteen combined years experience with Dr. Bernstein. Trained Vaccines For  Children Program Coordinator. CPR & Certified  Office Laboratory Assistant.

Savanna, MA

Savanna has been our Front Office Mgr. for 8 yrs. Her expertise includes: Insurance Verification, Referrals & Prior Authorizations. Her training encompasses both front & back office duties. CPR & Certified Office Laboratory Assistant. VFC Back-up Coordinator. Fluent in Guamanian.

Wendy, MA
Wendy has been with our team since Jan. 2021. Proficiently trained Front & Back office.
3 yrs. as a Medical Assistant. Loves working with children and being part of our Medical team.  
Her expertise includes: Referrals, Vaccines, Triage. She is an asset in assisting with our Bilingual patients.
Latest Clinic News:


Winners of the

Silver Syringe Award


Dr. Bernstein is very cautious with the vaccination of children. We welcome parents to ask questions about any concerns they may have regarding the necessary protection of their child against potentially deadly diseases. Please take comfort in his years of knowledge to explain the need of protection.  

We Know You Don't Want another Sick Child to Share their Illness with YOUR CHILD.....

If your child has an illness like:

Coughing, Rash, High Temp, Lice, Vomiting, Diarrhea, please let us know before you allow your child to play in our playroom.  We do our best to keep our toys cleaned daily for your WELL CHILD to play with while waiting.



Is it Teething? or Something More?


Children are getting teeth throughout their childhood. A temperature in a baby is most likely more than "Teething"   Give our office a call and let us know what symptoms your child is having.  Do not give a fever reduction medication until after you've taken your child's temperature and have spoken with our trained medical team.  We are here for you 24/7. Our trained answering service will put you in touch with one of our team members. 

**REMEMBER Take your child's Temperature with a Thermometer (NOT YOUR HAND-That Accurate Number is VERY IMPORTANT TO US giving your child good Medical Advice!!!)



We LOVE to decorate our office!

Yes, you can see that we ALL love to decorate our office for the Holiday & Seasons. 

We enjoy our work and take pride in offering your child a fun happy place to visit. 

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