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Services We Offer:


Offering a wide range of patient services:

Services We Offer

  • Asthma care

  • Ear Cleaning

  • Flu  Immunization

  • Refill of ADHD RX

  • Prevention & Wellness

  • New Born Exams & PKU screening

  • Sick Children (Same Day appts. call early)

  • Immunizations

  • Work/School/Travel Exams

  • ADHD Consultations

  • Behavioral Consultations

Call 24 Hrs. Ahead for :

Prescription Refills
Immunization Records
WIC Forms
Health Records
Additional Fees: 

There is an additional $50 dollar fee for completion of forms for use outside of the patient's medical record if not presented at time of exam, including:

  • Day Care

  • Sports or Camp Participation Form

  • Dental Pre-Op

  • Life Insurance

  • Family Medical Leave (Please allow 72 hrs. to complete)

  • Court Documents (Please allow 72 hrs. to complete)

  • Motor Vehicle Accident Report

  • Work Related Reports

Pre-Register Your upcoming Delivery with our office.


Dr. Bernstein is on the staff of

Sunrise Hospital

Prescription Refills $15

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